Have more fun with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Tri-Force Gotanda (TFG) is run by 2010 Tokyo International Brazillian JIUJITSU championship winner TORU NAKAYAMA.
We are a very friendly dojo and always welcome new members! We specialize in Jiu-jitsu but also offer classes in Judo, Self-Defense and Yoga. TFG has many classes for beginners, and lunchtime and late evening classes for busy workers. Rental uniforms (1,000yen) are also available. We are now offering newcomers one free trial session with a free rental gi. If you want to have fun, get stronger or lose weight,

please come join us now!!

Visitor training

If you want to train with us at Tri-force Gotanada, please send us an email to let us know the time, date and whether you need a renal gi in advance. You can training with us according to the following fee. 

1day : 3,000JPY
1week : 8,000JPY
2weeks : 10,000JPY
1month : 17,000JPY


Toru Nakayama

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Native of Tokyo, Japan. Date of Birth: April 30, 1971. Toru Nakayama is the head representative of Tri-force Gotanda. He has excellent techniques in all the positions, on the feet and on the ground, top and bottom, with Gi or without Gi. He is not only one of the top BJJ competitors but also had competed in professional MMA, Wrestling and Sambo. In 2005, he trained at Alliance which is one of the best academy in the world. In 2007, he won the IBJJF All Japan open championship in the brown belt middle weight and received the black belt from his teacher, Tri-Force Head representative, MITSUYOSHI HAYAKAWA. On top of that, he is personal trainer who has been qualified as NSCA-CSCS and has a lot of knowledge for strength training, weight loss, and injury prevention.


2010 Middle weight Champion of All Japan championship

2011 3rd place in light weight of European open championship

2011 Middle weight Champion of tokyo international open
2011 Absolute weight Champion of tokyo international open



We have easy access in Shinagawa area by 3 major trains & subway.

Closest station

JR yamanote Line -Gotanda station&Osaki station

Toei Asakusa Line -Gotanda station

Tokyu-Ikegami Line -Ohsaki-hirokoji station


We have fee variations for your needs.

Enrollment Fee10,200JPY
5,100JPY for Under25 & Kids Member
8-Days Per Month Member12,200JPY/month
Full time Member15,300JPY/month
Under25 Member9,900JPY/month
Kids Member8,900JPY/month
Private Lesson(1h)10,000JPY
Rental gi ServiceRental gi is available for 1,000JPY per use, a towel is included.
Gi keeping & Cleaning ServiceFor a monthly fee of 10,200JPY a private space will be reserved for keeping your gi & towel. Gi & towel will be washed and fold after each use.

Requirements to Join Tri-Force Gotanda

Please bring the following with you when enrolling at Tri-Force Gotanda.

Please bring the following with you when enrolling at Tri-Force Gotanda.

Completed Application Form. This can be obtained from Tri-Force Gotanda, or downloaded as a PDF file from our homepage.

>> Download Application Form

Enrollment Fee (Cash only –Currently we are unable to accept credit cards).

First Month’s Membership Fee

Membership Fees are calculated from the first to the last day of a month. Those people who join after the first of the month will be asked to pay a relative percent of the first month’s fee. For example, someone joining on the 15th would pay 50% of the first month’s fee.

For Japanese Bank Account holders: Banking Details and name-stamp (if required by your bank). Monthly Membership Fees for Tri-Force Gotanda are done through monthly automatic bank transfers from members’ accounts. It usually takes two months from the time of registration for the banking information to be processed, so members are asked to pay for the first two months of membership at Tri-Force Gotanda in cash. From the third month, monthly fees will be withdrawn automatically from their bank accounts.

Free Trial Lessons

Interested people may join one of our group classes for a free trial lesson at Tri-force Gotanda. Please contact to arrange the time and date. If you are coming for a trial lesson, you don’t need to bring anything. We will provide you with a Gi (the traditional Jiu-jitsu uniform) and a towel. We have changing rooms and shower facilities. Soap and shampoo are provided. Free Trial lessons are limited to the residents in Japan.

Membership Suspension

If you want to stay away from lessons for more than 3 months you can suspend your membership. In case of suspension, this should be done by the 9th of the prior month of suspension. Members are required to apply for suspension of membership in-person. Membership suspension via Telephone, Fax, mail, e-mail or a proxy is not accepted. The membership suspension fee of 2,060 Japanese yen will be automatically deducted from the applicant’s bank account.

Membership Cancellation

In case of cancellation, this should be done by the 9th of the prior month of cancellation. Member is required to apply for cancellation of membership in-person. Membership cancellation via Telephone, Fax, mail, e-mail, a proxy is not accepted. Cancellation where membership is in arrears cannot be accepted.